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Conversion of Lawn
to Native Meadows

Established in 1926, Asbury Methodist Village is a Gaithersburg-based, non-profit senior living community that is home to approximately 1,000 older adults. Asbury’s residents and associates have a long history of environmental stewardship and are proud to partner with Common Ground Earth on this project. Asbury is a certified Wildlife at Work site, a registered arboretum through Arbnet, and is home to a 17-acre Wildlife Preserve on its 134 acre campus.  Learn more at

Our Community Outreach could
not be possible without  the
support & consideration from:

Site 2

AMV Site 2 rect.jpg
site2 rect.jpg

Site 2 Meadow Boundary Lines

Coming Soon!

Native Meadow Benefits

Native meadows are increasingly popular for their ecological benefits and lower maintenance requirements. The biodiversity aspects are typically composed of a diverse range of indigenous plants and local wildlife, including pollinators and birds and are more resilient to pests and diseases and require less maintenance, no pesticides, no fertilizers, and no irrigation after establishment 

Seed Mix Plan

seed plan.png

Layout of meadow areas and demonstration plots (July-August)

Elimination of existing turf (August-September)

GBCI Workshop (September 21st)

Seed bed preparation and seeding (Mid-October)

Plug plant installation (Late October)

amv gard3.jpg
amv gardening2.jpg
amv gardening.jpg
amv gard 4.jpg

The Habitat Action Commitee at Asbury

The Habitat Action Committee at Asbury looks after our 17-acre Nature Preserve, Asbury Methodist Village is a certified Wildlife at Work site with a commitment to maintaining an eco-friendly campus that goes beyond just having a beautiful place to live. Asbury is dedicated to nurturing our environment and creating a space that will grow, evolve and sustain hundreds of species of native plant and animal life for decades to come.

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